Our Philosophy

Skilled Lactation Solutions was founded with the commitment to provide accessible, affordable services with the gold standard of lactation care. Our goal is to give parents the tools to be confident and successful in their feeding choices. We commit to providing them with the information necessary to make informed choices for their family. Whether you need guidance prenatally, latch tweaking, or there’s a more complicated medical history, we will listen to you and work with you to come up with a plan that fits your family.

What We Offer



We’ll go over your history, your pregnancy, your birth plan if you have one, and answer any questions you have in order to identify any risk factors in advance so you feel fully prepared to feed your baby. 

Return to Work


Feel confident in meeting your feeding goals after you go back to work. We’ll go over your milk supply, pumping schedule, and childcare plans so you can build a stash of milk and pump at work with confidence that you’ll be able to continue to feed your baby for as long as you want to continue. We’ll give you resources to share with your caregivers so everyone is working together and on the same page.

Professional Pump Fitting

Even though your pump probably came with a measurement guide, the only way to make sure it fits and works well is to have it fitted by a professional AFTER your baby is born and WHILE the pump is actually in use. Holding a card up to yourself in the mirror is not an accurate way to fit a pump flange. Knowing how your pump works, making sure it fits well, and getting professional tips and hacks can make all the difference in preventing tissue and nerve damage and protecting your milk supply long term.

Hand Expression Teaching Session

This is a game-changing skill that has the ability to solve SO many lactation challenges. So many parents are not familiar with hand expression and how to make it work for you. From pregnancy to low supply to clogged milk ducts to oversupply to weaning, hand expression is a tool that will come to your rescue again and again. Learning how and when to use it will be a secret weapon against so many feeding challenges.

Comprehensive Feeding Evaluation

In this visit, we’ll go over a detailed history, hear your concerns, and work with you to overcome any challenges you’re having. This can cover low milk supply, slow weight gain/failure to thrive, painful latch and nipple damage, a “sleepy” baby who just won’t nurse, oversupply, green/watery/slimy/ bloody/ explosive/stringy poops, reflux/spitting up/GERD, colic, choking/coughing at the breast/overactive letdown, starting solids, weaning, feeding through suspected food allergies, weaning, exclusive pumping, suspected oral restrictions (tongue/lip ties), “biting” or “chewing” while feeding, feeding through illness or procedures, mastitis/abscess/clogged ducts/blebs/milk blisters.

Relactation Consultation

If you stopped making milk for your baby and have regrets, it isn’t too late! It’s possible to reestablish your milk supply and get your feeding relationship back on track. We’ll go over your goals, what challenges got in the way, and together we’ll create a plan to overcome those challenges and help you meet those goals you thought you had to give up on.


Lactation Consultation

Providing milk for a baby you didn’t carry can be an amazing way to bond, and it is possible! We’ll work with you to come up with a plan that works for your family using established protocols.


After Loss

Although heartbreaking, lactation after 2nd and 3rd-trimester pregnancy loss or stillbirth is something that many parents experience and very few people talk about. We will work with you with compassion and gently help you work through your milk coming in and options for how to heal during lactation after a loss. 

How It Works

1. Verify Your Insurance Coverage

For In-Network plans, you may be covered for up to SIX visits with no

out-of-pocket costs for lactation care. For Out-Of-Network plans, you’ll receive an invoice to pre-pay with a credit, debit, HSA, or FSA card, then
receive reimbursement paperwork and instructions after your appointment. 

These visits can be used prenatally and at any point after delivery, including starting solids, sleep challenges during lactation, back to work planning, and even weaning.

2. Complete Consultation Request Form

Fill out this form and we will contact you within 24 hours. 

We will contact you either by email or phone to discuss
your feeding goals and concerns, and set up your
virtual or in-home appointment.

For in-network health insurance plans, you’ll be provided steps to verify your coverage. For out-of-network clients, you’ll be sent an invoice due prior to your appointment time.

3. Schedule Your Virtual or In-Home Consultation

Same day appointments are offered when available, otherwise we will work with your schedule and ours to find the next best time.

During your appointment, we may assess a feeding or a pump session, ask questions, and most importantly, listen to your concerns and what your feeding goals are.

4. Creating Your Care Plan

Our team will work together to create a comprehensive Care Plan personalized especially for your family.

5. How To Communicate With Our Team

Communication after your appointment will take place in our secure, HIPAA compliant patient portal. You can send pictures, ask follow up questions, and share your victories!