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Breastfeeding a newborn child during a consult with Skilled Lactation Solutions

is BEST.

Infant feeding services focused on accessibility with plans to fit every family. The gold standard in evidence-based care offering virtual and in-person options to fit every budget.

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Do you Google everything, wondering which answer will work for you, who to listen to, or who’s right? There are so many contradicting opinions out there. Is there a “right way”? Do you wish you could just feel confident in feeding your baby, with all the skills you need to handle any problems that arise?


At Skilled Lactation Solutions, we understand that each family has unique needs and goals when it comes to feeding their babies. Whether you’re pregnant and planning, postpartum and struggling, worried about going back to work, or ready to wean, we’re here with evidence-based solutions to support your goals and we have options that will work for your family. We have worked in pediatric offices, OB/GYNs, in research, and in a private practice setting and will work as part of your medical care team so you can feel confident and comfortable in your journey. 


No matter who you are, what you look like, where you’re from, who you love, how you feed your baby, or what color your skin is, we believe you deserve the highest quality in lactation care and we celebrate working with families from all backgrounds. We will support your individual feeding goals with compassion, expertise, and cultural humility. Experience the difference and start working with us today.


The ACA mandates that plans cover lactation services with no copay or deductible, but every plan is different in how they pay or reimburse. We’re proud to participate with some insurance plans so you’re able to have your insurance billed directly for your consults! If you have BCBS PPO, CIGNA PPO, Anthem PPO, as well as some UHC and Aetna policies, your coverage will be verified before your appointment and your plan will be billed for your visit with no out of pocket costs to you. You’ll know in advance how many visits and follow-ups you’re eligible for right when you schedule! If your insurance does not allow us to bill them directly for lactation services, we’ll provide you with a cash-pay discount and a superbill with instructions to submit for reimbursement after your visit. If you have State insurance and need payment assistance, please ask about our sliding scale. If the need arises, we also offer in-person weight checks with limited availability that will be billed to insurance directly. 


If it’s found during your appointment that a referral is needed, we will notify you and provide you with our recommendations and specialist contact information. Examples would be if your baby was found to have an abnormal oral function, a potential food allergy, GI, or respiratory condition, you’re in need of resources we don’t provide at our practice, or your unique challenges are beyond our areas of expertise. If it’s outside our scope, we won’t hesitate to make sure you leave the appointment with all the resources you need to continue making progress in your lactation relationship. The priority is to make sure your family is supported and thriving.

Skilled Lactation Solutions Prenatal Consultation

We’ll go over your history, your pregnancy, your birth plan if you have one, and answer any questions you have in order to identify any risk factors in advance so you feel fully prepared to feed your baby. 

Prenatal Consultation

Skilled Lactation Solutions Return to Work Consultation

Feel confident in meeting your feeding goals after you go back to work. We’ll go over your milk supply, pumping schedule, and childcare plans so you can build a stash of milk and pump at work with confidence that you’ll be able to continue to feed your baby for as long as you want to continue. We’ll give you resources to share with your caregivers so everyone is working together and on the same page.

Return to Work


Skilled Lactation Solutions Professional Pump Fitting

Even though your pump probably came with a measurement guide, the only way to make sure it fits and works well is to have it fitted by a professional AFTER your baby is born and WHILE the pump is actually in use. Holding a card up to yourself in the mirror is not an accurate way to fit a pump flange. Knowing how your pump works, making sure it fits well, and getting professional tips and hacks can make all the difference in preventing tissue and nerve damage and protecting your milk supply long term.

Pump Fitting

Skilled Lactation Solutions Hand Expression Teaching Session

This is a game-changing skill that has the ability to solve SO many lactation challenges. So many parents are not familiar with hand expression and how to make it work for you. From pregnancy to low supply to clogged milk ducts to oversupply to weaning, hand expression is a tool that will come to your rescue again and again. Learning how and when to use it will be a secret weapon against so many feeding challenges.

Hand Expression

Teaching Session

Skilled Lactation Solutions Comprehensive Feeding Evaluation

In this visit, we’ll go over a detailed history, hear your concerns, and work with you to overcome any challenges you’re having. This can cover low milk supply, slow weight gain/failure to thrive, painful latch and nipple damage, a “sleepy” baby who just won’t nurse, oversupply, green/watery/slimy/

bloody/explosive/stringy poops, reflux/spitting up/GERD, colic, choking/coughing at the breast/overactive letdown, starting solids, weaning, feeding through suspected food allergies, weaning, exclusive pumping, suspected oral restrictions (tongue/lip ties), “biting” or “chewing” while feeding, feeding through illness or procedures, mastitis/abscess/clogged ducts/blebs/milk blisters.

Comprehensive Feeding Evaluation

Skilled Lactation Solutions Relactation Consultation

If you stopped making milk for your baby and have regrets, it isn’t too late! It’s possible to reestablish your milk supply and get your feeding relationship back on track. We’ll go over your goals, what challenges got in the way, and together we’ll create a plan to overcome those challenges and help you meet those goals you thought you had to give up on.

Relactation Cosultation

Skilled Lactation Solutions Adoption/Inducing Lactation Consultation

Providing milk for a baby you didn’t carry can be an amazing way to bond, and it is possible! We’ll work with you to come up with a plan that works for your family using established protocols.

Adoption/Inducing Lactation Consultation

Skilled Lactation Solutions Lactation After Loss

Although heartbreaking, lactation after 2nd and 3rd-trimester pregnancy loss or stillbirth is something that many parents experience and very few people talk about. We will work with you with compassion and gently help you work through your milk coming in and options for how to heal during lactation after loss. 


After Loss

Newborn baby breastfeeding

Feeding your baby is a natural process that may not come naturally. It takes time, support, and patience for both of you to learn this new skill.

What The Happy Parents Say

“Without the support of Allison and Kaitlyn, I can honestly say I wouldn't have made it past the first week breastfeeding my son. We went through severe jaundice, weight loss, and general struggles, and now we're going on 9 months of breastfeeding! These two made me feel strong and empowered at a time that I was feeling so helpless. I'm forever grateful to this team for helping me get to this point!”

Becca N.

You can never underestimate the power of a good lactation consultant! It is life-changing to go from painful nursing sessions, confusion, and anxiety over whether or not your baby is okay to feeling confident and comfortable feeding your baby!

Allison helped me navigate the early days with latch difficultly virtually and then helped me manage the beginnings of an oversupply again a few months after that. I continue to be so impressed by her ability to support families virtually!

I also appreciated her communication with my pediatrician so I didn’t feel alone.

Allison gives great, realistic support grounded in evidence! Thank you! My boob monster and I are so thankful for you!

Katie D.

“Without Allison's support my daughter and I would have never made it to 1 month of breastfeeding, but with the constant answering of questions, referrals, unending support we made it to ONE YEAR exclusively breastfeeding. Our experience with virtual appointments went above and beyond what we ever expected. We were able to go from a VERY painful latch and oversupply, to a beautiful latch, normal supply, and happy baby within just a few weeks of help.

The thought "grateful" will never be enough!”

Melyssa S.

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